Wildlife Resorts in South India

Published: 07th April 2009
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With 88 national parks and wildlife sanctuaries, India is a favorite destination amongst nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. The old hunting grounds of the colonial times and the nawabs have been transformed to wildlife sanctuaries. These national parks and wildlife sanctuaries are home to diverse species of mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds, and other insect species. The weather of South India best suits the wild denizens inhabiting this region. Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka are home to some of the finest national parks and wildlife sanctuaries of India. The wildlife sanctuaries have access to beautiful resorts and hotels replete with the finest modern amenities. If you are looking for the best comforts and conveniences, wildlife resorts in South India will offer you the same.

The Nagarhole National Park, Wayanad wildlife sanctuary and Bandipur wildlife sanctuary in Karnataka and Periyar wildlife Sanctuary in Kerala are some of the prominent names amongst national parks and wildlife sanctuaries in South India. Tigers, antelopes, elephants, deer, bears, jackals, Nilgai, crocodile and colorful avian species find the conditions to dwell in these national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. If the lure of the wild brings you to these wildlife sanctuaries, the wildlife resorts in South India will add more thrill to your stay. Creatively designed matching the overall landscape, the wildlife resorts in South India evoke the true spirit of a jungle experience. If you looking for absolutely jungle chic, it is jungle chic that you will get! If you are a budget traveler looking for the best conveniences at reasonable rates, you will get an assortment of cheap hotels. Make sure that you reserve your hotel in advance via online hotel booking.

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If you want to know more about the lodging options close to the Bandipur Wildlife sanctuary in South India, you just have to click online and know more about the accommodation options and tour packages. Located in Karnataka, Bandipur Wildlife Sanctuary is home to the Tiger, Leopard, Wild boar, Elephant, Gaur, Wild dog, Chital, Mouse deer, Sambar (deer), Barking deer, Hyena and Four horned Antelope. The King Cobra, Common Cobra, Adder, Python, Rat Snake, Viper, Water Snake, Lizard, Chameleon are some of the most common reptile species of the wildlife sanctuary. Choose an accommodation within or near the wildlife sanctuary to get a real feel of the jungle. You can embark on tours such as The Lure of Jungle Tiger Safari and India Wildlife Travel Tiger Tour from your accommodation. You have to book your package beforehand. The Bandipur Safari Resort is one of the best wildlife India hotels available here. You can click online to know more about this resort.

Another popular name amongst wildlife sanctuaries is that of Nagarhole in Karnataka. It is famous for the elephant, f tiger, our-horned antelope, spotted deer, jungle cat, wild dog, flying fox, panther and bonnet macaque. The bee-eater, crested serpent, hornbill, common babbler, crested hawk, golden-back parakeet, Malabar pied, bulbul, dove, alexandrine, peacock, woodpecker, warbler, great Indian reed and the eagle are some of the exotic avian acrobats in this region. The Kabini Jungle Lodge with exquisitely done up cottages is one of the finest wildlife resorts in Nagarhole as well as India. The Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary has access to the famous hotels and resorts such as the Taj Garden Retreat, while the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is within screaming distance of the Rain Country Resort.

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